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Tired of manually checking your Mega Millions numbers on slow websites to see if you've won? Want to find ways to beat the odds? Looking for a store that sells Powerball tickets? Willit for iPhone is the one stop shop for all things Mega Millions and Powerball
Unlike other lottery apps, Willit was designed by lottery players for lottery players. We let you customize our app so you see what is important to you. Whether it's news, stores, analytics, or your winnings - the power is in your hands!
“SF man nearly threw away winning lottery ticket worth $2.6 million”

“There were nearly $40 billion in prizes awarded in U.S. lotteries last year, and about $800 million in winnings weren't collected”

Willit Makes Mega Millions and Powerball Hassle Free

  • Willit tracks your tickets, so you never miss a winning ticket
  • Willit locates the nearest stores that sell lottery tickets
  • Willit keeps you updated with the latest Mega Millions and Powerball news

Super useful...

Can never go back to checking my tix by hand!

Willit rocks

Easy to track multiple lotto tix and no need to manually check dozens of numbers by hand! Love it!!

Nice interface, easy to use, great info

Great resource for lotto participants! The analytics are very useful and helpful and the app itself is remarkably easy to use. Interested to see what updates/developments are in store for future versions.